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The 2020 Women's Planning Guide to Joining a Board

January 31, 2020

#3 Define Your Personal Brand
We’ve heard from countless candidates in our community that taking the time to really dig into their successes, expertise, leadership style and career goals was a daunting and confusing task at first. It is extremely uncomfortable and foreign (especially for women) to promote themselves. Leave that mindset in the past and make 2020 all about YOU.

#4 Audit Your Existing Commitments
Board seats typically require 2-3 days per quarter for meetings, plus extra time on your own research, reading, and education. Some of the hardest questions you’ll need to answer while on your board seat journey will be around the time you are actually willing and able to commit to it. You already have your career, family, social life, personal time and personal goals to juggle. Can you realistically carve out the additional time required to fully commit to a board seat?

#5 Join theBoardlist
Join today. Joining our premium talent network where companies discover exceptional women for global board opportunities is a simple yet powerful next step you can take today. Once a member of our thriving community you will receive updates on openings, board readiness tips, insights into current events affecting the boardroom and direct advice from our CEO, Shannon Gordon, on how to continually work towards your goal of landing a board seat.

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